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The Clixo Crew Pack is an open ended magnetic play system. It combines the magic behind origami with the ease of classic building blocks.

Endless creative, construction and design possibilities that is suitable for all ages. 

This 30 piece pack is the perfect tool for fidgeters, for supporting focus and hours of engaging stress relief.

Clixo boasts multiple awards, including - Winner of Top Toy Creative Child Awards!


  • Flexible & Magnetic - Flex Clixo pieces into shape and snap them in position with the strong and secure magnets
  • Fits in your Hand - Take them with you wherever you go, Clixo pack compact and light, ready for adventures
  • Plastic-Free Packaging - Our packaging is recyclable and compostable, made out of bamboo pulp and kraft paper.
  • Develop STEAM & Soft Skills - Learn science, spatial, and tactile skills from turning flat shapes into 3D objects. Built-in constraints foster creativity, patience, and persistence.

Made for kids and kids at heart age 4+

Dimensions:20.6 x 13.9 x 6.9 cm

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