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A world of kids’ puzzles for every young mind

Explore the magic of puzzle play at Petit Enfant, where imagination meets challenging adventures. Our extensive collection of puzzles for kids features everything from enchanting Ravensburger puzzles to vibrant and educational puzzles.

Each children’s puzzle is designed to spark joy, enhance problem-solving skills and provide hours of engaging play for children of all ages.

Cultivate skills with our fun children's puzzles

Our range of children's puzzles goes beyond just fun — it's about building essential skills through play with simple jigsaws for the little ones and more complex 1000-piece challenges for older kids. How? Puzzles help improve fine motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and cognitive thinking as children manipulate pieces to fit together.

Discover Ravensburger puzzles

Renowned for their quality and intricate designs, Ravensburger puzzles offer a premium puzzling experience. These classic puzzles for kids foster attention to detail and perseverance as children piece together colourful landscapes, favourite characters and educational themes.

Join our community of happy puzzlers

At Petit Enfant, we are committed to providing toys and tools to aid your child's developmental journey. Our selection of puzzles is carefully curated to ensure they meet the highest safety and educational value standards. With puzzles suitable for all age groups and interests, you can easily find the perfect puzzle to challenge and entertain your child.

Ready to add more fun and learning to your child's playtime? Browse our full range of puzzles for kids and discover why Petit Enfant is the favourite toy shop for families across Australia. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or a new addition to your child's playroom, our puzzles promise quality and satisfaction.

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